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● company background:

Founded in 1978 in bazhupaha, a simple town in Johor state in southern Malaysia, the good mountains and water here create an excellent environment for breeding ornamental fish. It also allows SianLon Aquatic group to expand from a small family fish farm with only six ash ponds to eight fish farms with a total area of nearly 2000 mu in Malaysia in 40 years, There are also two aquariums for sale. It also has its own fishing grounds and source partners in relevant tropical fish producing areas, such as Thailand (tiger fish line), Vietnam (fish fry recycling farm), Indonesia (tiger fish and red dragon farm), Taiwan (fish fry recycling farm), Brazil (South American fish variety partner), etc. The species and origin of tropical fish products basically cover the whole aquarium industry. The supply chain network of aquarium industry has been perfectly constructed.

 SianLon Aquatic was founded by Huang Hanyong (now 66 years old) and Huang Hanzhong brothers. The two brothers devoted themselves to the ornamental fish breeding industry because of their love for fish culture. From the breeding of the first batch of "Lanshou" goldfish in 1978 to the successful breeding of Asian dragon fish in 1988 (the year of the Dragon), Xianglong group has always believed that "intention is professionalism", and also insisted on making unremitting efforts to improve and develop more high-quality ornamental fish.


Sianlon aquatic exports tens of thousands of high-quality Asian arowana to all parts of the world every year, including China, the Netherlands, Canada, the United Kingdom, the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Brunei, Taiwan, Hong Kong, South Korea, Japan, etc.

Xianglong fish farm mainly breeds and cultivates red dragon and golden dragon, and constantly studies and improves varieties, such as Xianglong Yuanbao Phoenix fish, spade a, Xianglong supreme red dragon, Xianglong golden head over back golden dragon, blue bottom over back golden dragon, platinum dragon and more than 200 other ornamental fish.

Xianglong group's "Xianglong fish farm" in Guangzhou, China is currently the only fish farm in China that can directly correspond to domestic and foreign fish farms.

Xianglong group -- Xianglong fish farm dynamic Xianglong fish farm, an ornamental fish enterprise inheriting two generations

● record:

1. In 1994, it obtained the license of the Convention on international trade in endangered species of wild animals and plants (CITES), and became the first registered company in the world that can commercially breed and export arowana to all parts of the world.

2. It was listed on the Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange on October 5, 2001, becoming the first listed ornamental fish breeding company in Malaysia.

3. Xianglong fish farm was the first to artificially breed stingrays and has the most species of Stingrays in the world.

4. Xianglong fish farm is also one of the earliest fish farms in Malaysia to breed giant dragon fish (walrus, also known as giant bone tongue fish) under secondary protection.

Xianglong group -- Xianglong fish farm dynamic Xianglong fish farm, an ornamental fish enterprise inheriting two generations

Xianglong group -- Xianglong fish farm dynamic Xianglong fish farm, an ornamental fish enterprise inheriting two generations

● service scope:

We not only provide professional website planning services, but also have a perfect after-sales service system to provide professional consultation and guidance for partners and difficult customers. We firmly believe that through close cooperation and exchange, we will achieve mutual benefit and win-win with partners!

Xianglong group takes "integrity, responsibility and positivity" as its core values and takes customer needs as the center. It hopes to reshape the corporate image and provide service guidance for the development of corporate product promotion culture by continuing the professional level and unremitting efforts of two generations.

At present, Xianglong group, which is taken over by the second generation, has made unremitting efforts to build a reputable corporate culture with the efforts of two generations, and vowed to become a century old cultural store that continues to make profits. Our mission is to bring happiness, happiness and elegant taste to everyone's life.